Rachel Sweet
Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA
April 10, 1980

Source: KSAN-FM broadcast
Lineage: TDK MC > Audacity > Wav > Flac

01. Truck Stop Queen
02. Foul Play
03. Jealous
04. Who Does Lisa Like?
05. Spellbound
06. Take Care Of Me
07. Fool's Gold
08. Wildwood Saloon
09. Lover's Lane
10. Tonight
11. Cuckoo Clock
12. New Rose
13. Tonight Ricky
14. I've Got A Reason
15. B-A-B-Y
16. I Wanna Play House
17. The Boys On 7th Avenue
18. KSAN-FM outro

Total time 1:03:58

Rachel Sweet - vocals
The Toys:
Joe Morgan - drums
Deano Giovannone - bass guitar & rhythm guitar
Rob Wells - lead guitar
John DeCarlo - keyboards & bass guitar

Notes: This version digitized Feb. 15, 2014 from a thirty-four year old master cassette recorded from the original KSAN broadcast. The sound degrades with distortion during tracks 2 and 3 but recovers during track 4....so stick with it, the rest of the tape sounds great. The damaged tracks are still listenable, just not as perfect as the rest of the tape. The original tape deck that recorded this was a high end deck, and the tape was a high bias TDK....so TRUST ME, and once you get through the two slightly distorted songs, you will be well rewarded.

Many thanks to draftervoi for all his efforts and providing this show through his Voodoo Wagon blog.

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