Rachel Sweet

The Bottom Line, New York, NY, USA, 1980.05.08

01. Truckstop Queen
02. Foul Play
03. Jealous
04. Who Does Lisa Like?
05. Spellbound
06. Take Good Care Of Me
07. B-A-B-Y
08. Wildwood Saloon
09. New Age
10. Tonight
11. Cuckoo Clock
12. New Rose
13. Tonight Ricky
14. Introduction of the Toys
15. I've Got A Reason
16. Encore: (medley) All Shook Up / Jailhouse Rock / Baby Let's Play House
17. The Boys On 7th Avenue

Length - 69:01

Rachel Sweet - vocals
The Toys:
Joe Morgan - drums
Deano Giovannone - bass quitar & rhythm guitar
Rob Wells - lead guitar
John DeCarlo - keyboards & bass guitar

Cassette(FM,TDK AD-C90 from a trade) > wav > Adobe Audition(Noise reduction:dehiss-high setting) > Soundforge(normalise uneven L&R,tidy up tape flip etc) > CDWave > split on sector boundaries > flac(6)

Thanks to tomkle for the sending me some cassettes to encode & put up on Dime! Thanks to him we now have 4 more Rachel Sweet shows and an upgrade of a previously uploaded show that has 3 more songs. (There's another upgrade that just has more talk between songs although sound quality probably isn't quite as good, although it still sounds good. Would people want me to upload that one?)

Broadcast live on WNEW, New York.

This is the only one of tomkle's tapes I needed to do any hiss removal on as the hiss was a bit ittirating. This is a substantial upgrade to the bad-sounding one I'd planned on uploading before (but then didn't when I got tomkle's offer of tapes) and also has 2 extra tracks (tracks 9 & 14) as well as extra radio chatter.

Cassette supplied by tomkle
Encoding by Egg Crisis, Nov'2009

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