Radar Men From The Moon
Vortex, Siegen, Germany
November - 20 - 2013

A RENDEL recording

Rec. Info:
OKM2R -> Zoom H2n (at WAV 16/44) -> SD card -> HD -> Magic Music Lab 03 (edit/remaster) -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> SD card -> my HD -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded by dear taper brother RENDEL from behind the soundboard. First approximately 10 minutes are missing, as due to traffic jam the taper arrived late for the triple
spacestoner extravaganza in Siegen. The tape sounds very very fine, far better than the tape from FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL. Of course, it was an indoor show.

Band line-up: Corridor, Radar Men From The Moon, OM

This is fantastic instrumental spacey stoner rock from a three piece band from Eindhoven, Nederland. In contrast to their companions from this great stoner rock nation, like the
great MACHINE or the unfortunately disbanded SUNGRAZER, their music is more on the dreamy floating sphere of the outer orbit. You can compare their style a bit with the also great
MY SLEEPING KARMA, but without the indian influences. This might be changing, as this show was the first after their bassplayer returned from a three month trip to India.
So, welcome them back on stage, and though this is not complete, the almost 45 minutes shared here is just honey and beauty for mind and soul...
But what do they put into the water in the Netherlands? Mineralic STONES from outerspace? Hmm, might be something like that...SB.


INCOMPLETE SHOW (43:03 min.)

01. Atomic mother (7:39) (jumps in)
02. Dance of the black and white paint (5:59)
03. Darkness (7:17)
04. Heading for the void (4:27)
05. ... (5:44) *
06. Where sky meets the earth (11:57)

* new song? Also, track #06 seems to have a new workout?

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Support the band, go to their shows, buy all their merchandise! (ECHO FOREVER in black-marbled vinyl...oh my god!)
Do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use. No lossy blog/tracker use!
If you sell...eat rotten Gouda cheese for the rest of your life!


Glenn Peters - guitar, sonic attacks
Jan-Titus Verkuijlen - bass, shivers
Tony Lathouwers - drums, audio generator

Uploaded to DIME by Spacebandit 2013/12/12.