The Radiators
March 14, 1981
TUL Marathon
The Quad Tulane U
New Orleans, LA

Recording Info:
Pre-FM SBD > Cassette Master >
1st Gen Cassette Maxell XLII-S 90
Copied using 2 identical JVC Cassette decks

Transfer Info:
1st Gen Cassette Maxell XLII-S 90 >
Nakamichi DR-1 (Azimuth Adjust) >
LynxOne Studio Card Analog In @24B/44.1k

2 Discs Audio
1 Discs Flac

All Transfers and Mastering By Tulane Rich
March 25, 2009

-- Thanks to Rick Arnstien for lending me his Master back then...
-- Rick was a prominent on air member of the WTUL team and a good friend of the Rads
-- I believe he made this from the feed inside the radio station
-- This was my first time seeing the Radiators
-- I had eaten mushrooms and was throwing up in my dorm bathroom (Sharp, remember?) when
this sweet sweet sound floated through the window. I was drawn! I went out and watched,
I think I forgot to breathe for the entire "Lowlife." After the set, I approched
them near the stage as they greeted their fans. I asked Dave for his pick and he said
"You must be from New York..." Met Michael Dinhofer and Kul that day and invited them back
to my dorm room to see my tape collection. Both were impressed and a good friendship was born.
I thought they were kinda like Little Feat but most assuredly had their own deal. Dave was
playing a hubcap. I just fell off the deep end. Thanks to all you guys for allowing me in!
-- Sorry for the ridiculous rant!
-- That day I was invited to Tipitina's the following week to archive what would be the first
of my masters (4.2.81 Tipitina's "Rainbow Rads" Will seed shortly.)

1 Long Set:

Disc 1
d1t01 - Screwloose
d1t02 - Hardcore
d1t03 - Pass Out da Hatchets >
d1t04 - My Whole World Flies Apart >
d1t05 - Nail Your Heart To Mine
d1t06 - Hard To Tell
d1t07 - Join The Circus >
d1t08 - Smokin' Hole
d1t09 - Lowlife >
d1t10 - Automatic (Tape Flip)
Time: 47:16

Disc 2
d2t11 - Stealin' A Feelin
d2t12 - Suck Da Heads
d2t13 - Sail On
d2t14 - Turn On Your Lovelight
d2t15 - Red Dress
d2t16 - Bad Taste of Your Stuff
d2t17 - Chevy '39
Filler The following set was Gatemouth Brown's Band "The Express"
Got 1 nice song before the tape ran out...
Time: 43:06