The Radiators November 25, 1983 Bennie French's Bay St. Louis, MS Recording Info: SBD and Nak CP300 caps > Sony 6 channel Passive Blend (used 4) > Cassette Master Maxell XLII-S/ Sony D5m Transfer Info: Cassette Master Maxell XLII-S > Nakamichi DR-1 (Azimuth Adjust) > LynxOne Studio Card Analog In @24B/44.1k 3 Discs Audio 2 Discs Flac All Transfers and Mastering By Tulane Rich March 25, 2009 Notes: -- I can confirm that this comes from the master (I made it) -- I mixed the mics on the fly in headphones so you will hear level changes -- Static heard on some songs is actually the Keyboard feed to the console overloading -- When it sounds really good that is because of Kenny Samuels excellent FOH mix -- When it sounds really bad it is my fault :) -- I believe this was a "Bay of Pigs" production but I may be wrong. -- The Bay of Pigs was a group of Viet Nam Vets -- I believe Jim Morrison accompanied me to this show and took a patch on his D-6 so he has a master -- I don't remember much from college -- I did my best to create fades that did not interrupt the flow of the show, I hope you agree Set 1: d1t01 - Every Dog Got His Day d1t02 - Slip Away (Clarence Carter) d1t03 - Love Trouble d1t04 - The Weight d1t05 - # 2 Pencil d1t06 - One Eyed Jack d1t07 - I'm Satisfied d1t08 - Total Evaporation (Tape Flip) d1t09 - Chevy '39 d1t10 - Love Grows On Ya > d1t11 - Monkey In Her Heart > d1t12 - Nail Your Heart time: 1:02.01 Set 2: d2t01 - Down In The Need > d2t02 - Red Dress d2t03 - Suck Da Heads > d2t04 - Lucinda (Tape Flip) d2t05 - First Snow d2t06 - Automatic d2t07 - Between Two Fires d2t08 - Bop Bop Di Deo time: 49.45 Set 3: d3t01 - I'm So Excited d3t02 - Hardcore d3t03 - All Along The Watchtower > d3t04 - Tupelo Honey d3t05 - Let The Red Wine Flow d3t06 - Bird In The Hand d3t07 - Moondance d3t08 - Pass Out The Hatchets Encores: d3t09 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre d3t10 - Cissy Strut d3t11 - Soul Kitchen time: 58.53