D.A.V. Hall - M.O.M.s Ball
"Void Where Not Prohibited"
1984-03-03 (March 3, 1984)

Acquired this in a trade back in the snail mail days and I believe this to be a different source than listed on Archive.org as my copy (3 disk) has source as "high gen cassette SBD > re master CD" while dot org has it just as cassette > dat (dat wasn't created until 1987)

and further notes are from disk one-
"poor to fair cassette; volume reduction 3.2db; remove 20hz;remove rumble 80hz;EQ mid 400-800;add air 16k;noise reduce42.2"

which I find interesting since it is listed as a SBD so I assume it may have been overloaded from SBD? I mean, how do you get a SBD as "poor to fair..."
Sorry but I screwed up keeping the EAC log for D1, there were no errors.

I'll include a sample mp3 for sure.

Performed at the Arabi Veterans Hall and I believe this was pre MOM's Krewe.

setlist via Archive.org

Disk 1
Set 1
01. Wang Dang Doodle > Spoonful
02. Slip Away
03. UFO's Exactly
04. Dancing In The Streets
05. Let's Radiate
06. Let The Red Wine Flow
07. Ain't Ready For It
08. Ain't Nothing But A Party
09. All Over Now
10. Hard Core (w/ Pump It Up & Trouble Every Day)
11. In The Night
12. Domino (w/ Hangman Jury?)

Disk 2
Set 2
01. Feel Like Rocking
02. Light Up My Pipe
03. Moondance
04. Wine Spodeeodee
05. Iko Iko
06. Hard To Tell
07. Screw Loose
08. She Caught The Katy
09. I Just Want To Make Love To You
10. Lovelight
11. Suck The Head
12. Can't Take It With Ya
Set 3
13. Heard It Through The Grapevine

Disk 3
01. Hard To Handle
02. Red Dress
03. Hot Lube
04. Dixie Chicken
05. Statesboro Blues
06. Last Getaway
07. Chainsaw Massacre > Cissy Strut
08. Slow Down
09. Big Chief
10. Heat Generation