New Orleans Radiators
Bottom Line
New York City
1991-02-20 (early show)

Killer Acoustic Show!!

FM broadcast>cassette>daks wave editor>wave>flac

This is my recording from the original broadcast. Great show, great sound.

Enjoy and share the music!!
Peace, Mike

PS The Rads rock!!

Disc 1:
01 Intro
02 You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
03 Never Let Your Fire Run Out
04 Back Street Girl
05 Tell It Like It Is
06 Solid Ground
07 Who Been Here?
08 Lonesome Fugitive-> White Line Fever
09 Doctor Doctor
10 Fall of Dark
11 Last Fair Deal

Disc 2:
12 Let the Red Wine Flow
13 River Run
14 Brand New Tennessee Waltz
15 Party Till Your Money Runs Out
16 Corrina
17 Frankie and Johnny
18 Molasses
19 Hide Your Love Away
20 Can't Take It With Ya

21 Little Paradise
22 Like Dreamers Do

01 Intro.flac:4fc0f7de93ab49f441d61335c515cd3f
02 You Ain't Goin' Nowhere.flac:20a7ec37ea8db2171dae7ff3d05d2c42
03 Never Let Your Fire Run Out.flac:68e8c9a6012f525bc5dff7c8c4253529
04 Back Street Girl.flac:40e25fde209dd528156b689b74bcd2c6
05 Tell It Like It Is.flac:b894a4d1f2e26b4aabdcf19be67b324f
06 Solid Ground.flac:be4e5e03df45be23c028f16d98dfbb17
07 Who Been Here.flac:71f417e6c99914e5198a00bc3813453d
08 Lonesome Fugitive- White Line Fever.flac:6866832246861fc8e3f2965e9760fe2a
09 Doctor Doctor.flac:f8c3420c21b273efe4295e1d431150e7
10 Fall of Dark.flac:ea6dbe8b61a6e968439ccb1d7194ed24
11 Last Fair Deal.flac:134edd8e5dc69de401f8c13492934072
12 Let the Red Wine Flow.flac:6c06e68a62961e3e4d94060afc4f1a95
13 River Run.flac:6c1a7e08c6985086a6be87a8d824faf0
14 Brand New Tennessee Waltz.flac:6f3fb5963fbdbc9e3720b4361cd5a7ce
15 Party Till Your Money Runs Out.flac:1c52f0ca08320a78481adcfa94a6f074
16 Corrina.flac:c8d0245cba8dc3279826094d1470cb59
17 Frankie and Johnny.flac:343187029f5dc5015df71338e248fc7d
18 Molasses.flac:5008f4e558a9f3eec8356c8defd0160b
19 Hide Your Love Away.flac:766c8d937bd6a6a8b0e667e006475068
20 Can't Take It With Ya.flac:31ebfe57715193c2afac18fd6359579a
21 Little Paradise.flac:fc33cd471e69199ab844ce06635b3c7a
22 Like Dreamers Do.flac:f6165cfbbfe6dccf449f5954bda915dd