New Orleans, La

SBD>Master Cassette>harddrive via Soundforge 6.0>wav>flac(level 8)
Recorded, Mastered & Transferred by Bill Boelens

This show is from probably one of the few surviving masters of this gig,
the others was lost in da flood. Shows were played both Friday and
Saturday nights, this is the Saturday show, the better of the two.
Friday night was brutally hot as it can be in Tipitina's, not to mention
the fact that it's mid August. It was uncomfortable to say the least.
By Saturday night all you had to do to sweat was just exist. Walk inside
and it was automatic, must have been 110 or more. By that time everyone
had been worn down by the heat and fully greazed. The second set is the
payoff for the whole hot weekend.

-Bill Boelens

Disc 1 (Set One):
01. Intro 3:49
02. Little Paradise 4:14
03. Join The Circus 4:54
04. Drinkin' Dragon's Blood 7:05
05. Devil's Dream 6:34
06. Long Hard Journey Home 6:25
07. Fine Life 4:33
08. Wrestling With The Angel 4:43
09. Down//In The Need 3:10
10. Hot Lube->Tyger Tyger->Hi Heeled Sneakers-> 5:33
11. Red Dress 7:37
Total time: 58:36

Disc 2 (Set One, cont.):
01. An Angel Grieving 5:01
02. Barnburner 5:52
03. Molasses 4:13
04. Ghosts Along The Mississippi 6:52
05. How Far To The Horizon 6:16
-Set Two-
06. Life On Mars 4:07
07. Heat Generation/Pass Out The Hatchet>Green River>Fire>Heat Generation 8:03
08. Soul On Fire 5:48
Total time: 46:12

Disc 3 (Set Two, cont.):
01. The Same//Thing 7:44
02. Hard Rock Kid 6:37
03. Summertime 10:16
04. Bottle Of Red Wine 5:52
05. Papa Was A Rolling Stone>I'm Ready> 6:43
06. Lowlife 10:34
07. Junko Partner 5:59
08. Mohair Sam 5:46
09. Route 66>Feedback 5:00
Total time: 64:31

There are cuts in Down In The Need(d1t9) and The Same Thing(d3t1) that were due
to power failure at the board and the attendant tape decks thereon.