the Radiators
2/3/1996 -
Irving Plaza,
New York, NY

Set 1-
1. tuning
2. How Far To the Horizon ->
3. Ghosts Along the Mississippi ->
4. 44 Blues ->
5. You Gotta Move ->
6. Go Back the Way You Came
7. Make Fire ->
8. Nail Your Heart To Mine
9. Fine Life ->
10. If Your Heart Ain't In It
11. Doubled-Up In a Knot ->
12. Love Is a Tangle ->
13. Jessica ->
14. Love Is a Tangle ->
15. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle ->
16. Chevy '39
17. banter - dedication to Michael Denhofer
18. Long Hard Journey Home ->
19. Tipitina ->
20. Nightmare On the Misery Train ->
21. Take Your Dead Ass Home

Set 2-
1. "You Keep Me Hangin' On" tease -> "The Magnificent Seven" tease ->
2. C.C.Rider ->
3. Feedback Road ->
4. Life On Mars ->
5. Tomorrow Never Knows ->
6. Things Delightful
7. Henri ->
8. Fire Water ->
9. Big Chief
10. Stealin' a Feelin' ->
11. Lucinda ->
12. Cissy Strut
13. encore break
14. Winin' Boy Blues
15. New Orleans
16. Devil's Dream
17. People Get Ready ->
18. I'm In the Mood

Total time: 2:59:17

cover tunes & their corresponding artists/writers:
"how far to the horizon?" - Jesse Winchester, artist (1st release in 1974); Jesse Winchester, writer
""44" blues" - Roosevelt Sykes, artist (1st release in July 1929);
Howlin' Wolf, artist (1st release in December 1954 [of more commonly known version]);
Roosevelt Sykes/Chester Arthur "Howlin' Wolf" Burnett, writers
"you got to move" - Traditional African-American spiritual song; writer unknown;
the Willing Four, artist (1st recording in February 1944)
"jessica" - the Allman Brothers Band, artist (1st recording in December 1972; 1st release in August 1973); Dickey Betts, writer
"(i heard that) lonesome whistle" - Hank Williams/Jimmie Davis, writers;
Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys, artist (1st recording on 7/25/1951; 1st release on 9/15/1951)
"tipitina" - Professor Longhair & His Blues Scholars, artist (1st release in February 1954);
Henry Roeland Byrd ("Professor Longhair"), writer
"take your dead ass home! (say som'n nasty)" - Funkadelic, artist (1st release on 9/21/1976);
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"you keep me hangin' on" - the Supremes, artist (1st recording on 8/1/1966; 1st release on 10/12/1966);
Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Eddie Holland (Holland–Dozier–Holland), writers
"the magnificent seven" - Elmer Bernstein, artist (1st theatrical release on 10/23/1960); Elmer Bernstein, writer;
Al Caiola & His Orchestra (1st release in September 1960)
"see see rider blues" - Gertrude "Ma" Rainey/Lena Arent, writers;
Ma Rainey & Her Georgia Jazz Band, artist (1st recording on 10/15/1924; 1st release in February 1925)
"tomorrow never knows" - the Beatles, artist (1st recording on 4/6,7,22/1966); 1st release on 8/5/1966);
John Lennon, primary writer (credited to "Lennon–McCartney")
"fire water" - the Wild Magnolias, artist (1st release in 1975); the Wild Magnolias (music)/Wilson Turbinton (lyrics), writers
"big chief" - Professor Longhair, artist (1st release in February 1965); Earl King/Wardell Quezergue, writers
"cissy strut" - the Meters, artist (1st release in 1969);
Ziggy Modeliste/Leo Nocentelli/George Porter Jr./Art Neville, writers
"winin' boy blues" - Jelly Roll Morton, artist (1st recording on September 14, 1939; 1st release in 1939);
Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe ("Jelly Roll Morton"), writer
"new orleans" - U.S.Bonds (Gary U.S.Bonds), artist (1st release in September 1960); Frank Guida/Joseph Royster, writers
"people get ready" - the Impressions, artist (1st recording in 1964; 1st release in February 1965); Curtis Mayfield, writer

Ed "Zeke" Volker - keys, percussion, vox
Dave Malone - guitar, vox
Camile Baudoin - guitar, vox
Reggie Scanlan - bass guitar
Frank Bua - drums, percussion

Original master DAT recording: Official band soundboard patch -> Sony D7 (likely digitally patched out of EVs Apogee AD-1000->HHB Portadat) (master@16/48)

DAT playback: Sony R500 -> Sound Devices 722 digital input (@24/48)

Mastered: Soundforge Pro 13.0 - *All file manipulation in Soundforge done at 24 bits*. File processed in Soundforge for volume normalization, scrubbing out about 1 subsecond digital dropout; 24 -> 16 bit dither using POW-r Dither with POW-r #3 noise shaping. Tracked in CDWav. Tagged in Tag&Rename 3.9.15

Note that this recording is in the 48khz sampling rate and I'm not providing a resampled 44.1khz version anymore because almost nobody burns CDs anymore. If you want to burn this recording to CD, you will need to resample the files to 44.1khz first.

Recorded by Scott Bernstein
Transferred (5/5/2020), tracked (1/31-2/1/2022), mastered (1/22/2022) and posted (2/2/2022) by Scott Bernstein

Special thanks to Eric (RIP) and Jill Vandercar for twisting my arm to finally get out to see the Rads!

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Taper notes:
Not the first of my Radiators recordings to appear in my archive series -- nor by any means the best performance of theirs that I witnessed and captured, BARN226 does present an historic night for ME -- as it was the first time I ever saw the Radiators perform live. (This is despite having been very impressed by live some radio broadcasts I'd heard of them on WNEW-FM from the Lone Star Roadhouse when I was still in high school).

I do not have a lot of memories of this show...which starts out just OK as they bang through a lot of short songs quickly, but things start to heat up around 2/3 of the way through the first set with "Doubled-Up In a Knot" and "Love Is a Tangle" (with the Allman Brothers' "Jessica" thrown in for good measure) and then bring it home with a strong closing of "Long Hard Journey Home", "Tipitina", "Nightmare On the Misery Train", and Funkadelic's "Take Your Dead Ass Home". Can't go wrong with that!

Set 2 also takes a little bit to heat up -- early on they play what seems to be a couple of rarer originals -- "Feedback Road" and "Life On Mars" (no, not the Bowie one that you're expecting), but really starts to pick up steam with their NOLA-flavored take on the Beatles' trippy "Tomorrow Never Knows" and then really kicks into gear with the "Henri/Fire Water/Big Chief" medley, with "Lucinda" and the Meters' "Cissy Strut" bringing it home for a strong finish.

A very meaty encore is a worthwhile mini set in and of itself -- a high energy cover of Gary U.S.Bonds' "New Orleans", "Devil's Dream", the Curtis Mayfield classic "People Get Ready", and "I'm In the Mood" make for a great combo to send us home in a good mood.


vanillag NOTES (2/7/2022):
--Thanks to Scott Bernstein for getting this out there!!
--I added the band members info, some mpre detail & fixes to the setlist of the proper way the were listed on the albums,
some more detailed info on the cover tunes, the ffp fingerprints to the text file, an ffp checksum file & pics of the venue.

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