The Radiators
June 12, 1999
Fort Worth, TX
Caravan of Dreams

Master DAT provided by Lance Deal
Transferred and liberated to etree on October 14, 2014 by Will Petty

01. Tuning
02. Welcome To The Monkey House
03. Honey From The Bee>
04. If Your Heart Ain't In It
05. Roll Me Over
06. Party Till The Money Runs Out
07. Last Getaway
08. Freezer Burn
09. Doctor Doctor
10. Confidential>
11. Fine Fine Fine
12. Jam
13. Wild And Free
14. Falling Through The Bottom Line
15. Long Way Down
16. The Other Side Of This Life>
17. River Run>
18. Stealin' A Feelin'>
19. Fever Dream
20. Like Dreamers Do

21. E: I Am A Lonesome Fugitive>
22. White Line Fever>
23. Early In The Morning

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