The Radiators - SlimFest 2000-08-13 - Rockville, RI SBD
I seeded this a month or two ago but it had issues and was banned due to bad characters in a flac name. So here it is again.

This is SlimFest 2000. We built a stage attached to my front porch. Brought in Ambient Light and Sound with a very nice EAW FOH and Monitor System along with a huge Crown mixing board and a big Crown Monitor board. Hired the Radiators and notified about 100 hardcore Fishheads from all over the US that the Rads would be Rockin' Rockville for SlimFest. We built it and they came! A great time and this DL brings it all back.

While there were many tapers there that day, the CD I converted for this came from Raybo. So basically here's the lineage of this one:
soundboard > patchbay > Apogee > Tascam DAT > however he got it to the silver discs > Toast > xACT > flac 16


The Radiators
Slim Fest 2000
Rockville, RI

Killing Floor >
Dancing In The Street >
The Cisco Kid >
Broke Down Engine
Tell Me How Do You Feel?
Wild And Free
Done Changed My Way Of Living
The Cuckoo >
Zigzagging Through Ghostland >
Look-Ka Py Py >
Take Your Dead Ass Home >
Shoo Fly

Every Dog Has It's Day
Key To The Highway
Out In The Woods
Parchman Farm >
Hittin' On Nothing >
Jump Into The Fire
Give Me A Kiss (Just One Sweet Kiss)
Life On Mars >
Outlaw Blues
Nail Your Heart To Mine

I Can't Stand The Rain >
Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley