The Radiators
HeatGen VIII Pre-Party
Area 22
Newport, RI
2002-06-13 Thu

SBD > Patchbay > Sony M1 > Fostex CR200 > CDR > Toast (normalized) > flac

Thanks to Dave Lowman for once again taking the time and effort to record the shows and process for the CDs!

This was part of the 8th Annual Heat Generation Parties. The Call was unable to accommodate us so we went to the birthplace of Newport Slim, took over Area 22 and a couple of hotels and had ourselves a funky great time for three nights. Fish Heads came from near and far and helped make these shows what they turned out to be. This Club only had a wine and beer license. So anybody that wanted real drinks ran next door to Friends and would pound down their mixed drinks and shots then run back into Area 22. The owners of Friends were lovin' us that weekend.

The band was in great spirits and pulled out some great tuna on this three night run... For example: This show starts with Ventilator Blues and ends with Ventilator Blues with "smoke and dust" sangwiched in between, both figuratively and literally!

This series of shows may have made some rounds as snail trades and I don't think they were ever Bit Torrents anywhere... at least I can't find any on the BT sites or on

I hope you enjoy these!


Disc 1:
Set I
I: Intro
Ventilator Blues
Broke Down Engine
The End Is Not In Sight
Fountains Of Neptune
The Train Is Off The Track>
Ain't No Sunshine
St. James Infirmary
Smoke And Dust

Disc 2:
Love In Vain
Screw Loose

Set II:
Black Dog
Waiting For The Rain
Solitary Man
All Meat
Hey Joe
Fever Dream
Fools Go First
The End Of The World >
Ventilator Blues

Disc 3:
Railroad Bill (for Bill Boelens)
Feelin' Alright


5e7d25611eb88fdc9d00b51659ec7074 *d01t01Intro.flac
78fc53a64668de86e239910bb58304d7 *d01t02Ventilator Blues.flac
14fc87f1cdd213f6a84b79667ebbfd23 *d01t03Brokedown Engine.flac
8732c61251227cedd04972e906939c50 *d01t04Tuning.flac
e308141912053b9962ab788b922ed1d9 *d01t05The End Is Not In Sight.flac
2565d346b3218177557b0a4ba8635758 *d01t06Fountains Of Neptune.flac
0500882395b59a9f728581e25808d93f *d01t07Train Is Off The Track.flac
302344ab3f814780b4252e68512fd405 *d01t08Ain't No Sunshine.flac
23a7ef8ba20c5df7a51ef658143a66d1 *d01t09Confidential.flac
d103780f951376cc1035e032be489e74 *d01t10St. James Infirmary.flac
761dd5556fd8dabd0e0c780ae7fc4a74 *d01t11Danang.flac
a8bee28b4fe9e843b9d175761c40f396 *d01t12Smoke and Dust.flac
920f88121beab40f2689fa2a5f094e13 *d02t01Love In Vain.flac
3ef835b06b94f97525b03f921b3bd4f9 *d02t02Screw Loose.flac
ce9e04a0b05b8ae74e509058c137fcdd *d02t03Second Set Intro.flac
2fbc164067bdf34bd58b73a8d78d953c *d02t04Black Dog.flac
857ab98ad905026583c4ac6e5a36370a *d02t05Waiting For The Rain.flac
762b8e46b14410c1d7e7fea3926f4259 *d02t06Solitary Man.flac
94a945c557dcef5957985973ff0f2d07 *d02t07All Meat Off The Same Bone.flac
d856212b4330a2ad2bc0a92df49dcf70 *d02t08Hey Joe.flac
e928fd6254fd5b84c88f2e34f9852b2b *d02t09Fever Dream.flac
9a44d4f5b4472e904b649e2a55aa58ae *d02t10Fools Go First.flac
8f6549673bc37a88405b255d683fabae *d02t11TheEndOfTheWorld-Ventilator Blues.flac
fa5d9a2f211814a060c961bda1510818 *d03t01Intro Encore.flac
846f526ac624e5f5e3bb6150b3f10a90 *d03t02RailRoad Bill.flac
461d86e0fd68db47c0a5f0115c6422d2 *d03t03Feelin' Alright.flac