The Radiators
Turtles Bar and Grill
Shakopee, MN
01-06-2007 (Sat)

Recorded by Mike Mahoney  (

Sennheiser 421’s > Sony  M1 DAT.
Transfer done with Fostex D5 DAT > Sound forge >CD Wave.>CDR

My Tracking doesn’t match up with setlist as I only Track during periods of silence.

Set 1 CD-1,

I: Whinin' Boy Blues [verse], The Wrong Road > Jump Into The Fire [verse],
Slip Away, Number Two Pencil, Monkey Meet, Salty Jane, George Of The Jungle > Go
On Fool, Last Getaway, Murder In My Heart For The Judge > Mr. Big Stuff
[tease], Love Changin' Blues, ?, Love Potion #9, Like Dreamers Do

Set 2 CD-2

II: Sylvie > Shortnin' Bread [tease], I Hear You Knocking, Lost Radio, Ring
Of Fire, Ghosts Along The Mississippi, She Put The Hurt On Me, Papaya, Bad Boy
> 3rd Stone From The Sun [jam]

E: I Believe To My Soul, Lights Out