The Radiators
Slim-Fest 2000
Rockville, RI

This was a show I put on in 2000 at my place. I built a stage attached to my front porch and brought in a tractor trailer of sounds and light (Ambient Sound) and hired the Radiators for a Fishhead Festival. We rocked Rockville!!

Soundboard > Patchbay > XLR > Apogee AD-1000 > Tascam DAP1> HHB> CD > Toast (normalized) > CD

Video of the opener Killing Floor with sndbd dubbed on the video:

The Radiators
08-13-00, Slim Fest, Rockville, RI [Sun]

I: Killing Floor> Dancing In The Street> The Cisco Kid> Broke Down Engine, Sylvie, Tell Me How Do You Feel, Wild And Free, Done Changed My Way Of Living, The Cuckoo> Zigzagging Through Ghostland> Look-Ka Py Py> Take Your Dead Ass Home> Shoo Fly

II: Every Dog Has It's Day, Key To The Highway, Out In The Woods, Parchman Farm> Hittin' On Nothing> Jump Into The Fire, Alimony, Give Me A Kiss (Just One Sweet Kiss), Life On Mars> Outlaw Blues, Nail Your Heart To Mine

E: I Can't Stand The Rain> Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley

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I hope you enjoy this show!!

Paul Toracinta
Newport Slim