The Radiators
Jamaican Fan Jam
Grand Lido Resort
Negril, Jamaica
Wednesday January 20, 2010

Source: SBD patchbay> 44.1/16
Recorded By: Paul Sundberg
Transfer By: Steve S.

01. Kenny's intro
02. Law Of The Fish
03. Mood To Move
04. Holiday> Get Yer Rocks Off> Holiday
05. Fishhead Man
06. I Don't Speak Love
07. #2 Pencil
08. Rain Dancer
09. River Run
10. Go Down Hannah

11. The Mighty Quinn*
12. Sittin On Top Of The World*
13. The Lion's Den*
14. Shake The Devil Out Of Your Head
15. Devils Dream
16. Magnolia
17. A Little Paradise
18. 7even Devils
19. Kenny call's 'em back
20. Parchmans Farm
21. This Party Ain't Over Till I Say Its So> Route 66

* with Jackie Green

Nice job Paul way to go! Thanks to Bryan for the quick thinking. Rasta.