The Radiators
World Live Cafe 2010-03-09
Philadelphia, PA USA

4 channel recording
source : schoeps mk-41(dina)> kc5>cmc6>lunatec v-3>benchmark ad2k+>
oade concert mod r-44 + schoeps mk-2s(nos)>nbox plus>oade concert mod r-44
lineage : (2) 24/44.1 wav>dsp quattro x 3>reaper 3.15>MBIT+>16/44.1 wav>xACT 1.69>flac
location : right corner soundboard 9 ft
taper : edtyre

Intro - Tuning
Total Evaporation
Straight Eight
Zig Zag Thru Ghostland
The Cuckoo
The Honey From The Bee
Gimme A Rainbow That's Real
Hot Lube > Red Dress
Daddy's Coming Home
The Twitch
Morning Dew > Don't You Leave Me Here (tease) >
Make Fire, Make Light
Ring Of Fire
Cannibal Girls
Jump Back
Like Dreamers Do
Walk The Dog >
C.C. Rider > Outro