The Radiators
HeatGen VIII "Electrifried"
Area 22
Newport, RI
2002-06-15 Sat

SBD > Patchbay > Sony M1 > Fostex CR200 > CDR > Toast (normalized) > flac

Thanks to Dave Lowman for once again taking the time and effort to record the shows and process for the CDs!

This was part of the 8th Annual Heat Generation Parties. The Call was unable to accommodate us so we went to the birthplace of Newport Slim, took over Area 22 and a couple of hotels and had ourselves a funky great time for three nights. Fish Heads came from near and far and helped make these shows what they turned out to be. This Club only had a wine and beer license. So anybody that wanted real drinks ran next door to Friends and would pound down their mixed drinks and shots then run back into Area 22. The owners of Friends were lovin' us that weekend.

They came to play alright and we're all on a roll!! Some great oldies with a "Creepin-Flood" and "Bad Taste" too... HeatGen parties have had a few breakouts and "one timers" and this night gave us a one timer (far as I can tell) in "Keep Your Hand On The Throttle" where Zeke morphed it into a little bit of "Slippery" and "Whole Lotta Love" right into a roaring "Route 66". Second set Dave sings "Somethins happening here... what it is ain't exactly clear"... a percolating in the pocket "For What It's Worth"... "2000 Light Years", "Rollin' Stone" for a great close to the weekend. All I can say is this run had some of that magic. Newport ain't had this much fun since the "old" Jazz and Folk Fests!

This is one of those runs where you need to download all three nights.

This series of shows may have made some rounds as snail trades and I don't think they were ever Bit Torrents anywhere... at least I can't find any on the BT sites or on

I hope you enjoy these!



Disc 1:
Set I:
Intro - Creepin' Vine > Hold Back The Flood
Wild And Free
I Don't Speak Love
Bad Taste Of Your Stuff
Keep Your Hand On The Throttle > Slippery When Wet > Whole Lotta Love >
(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
Night Life, Sportin' Life
River Run
Parchman Farm
Devil's Dream
Cocktail Music

Disc 2:
Salty Jane
Nail Your Heart To Mine

Set II:
For What It's Worth
After Midnight
Look-Ka Py Py
Pass The Hatchet >
2000 Light Years From Home >
Have You Ever Had The Blues > Pass The Hatchet
Roll Me Over
The Cuckoo
Train Kept A-Rollin'

Disc 3:
My Gal
Rollin' Stone

I hope you all enjoy this show! LET'S RADIATE!

md5 by xACT

41addbc644090914f48d24b5ab4c1be6 *d01t01Intro - Creepin' Vine - Hold Back The Flood.flac
9f7fa834088a33a7884c57f2423bc5f8 *d01t02Wild and Free.flac
c542142ff18ee1f52355635b16e2c53d *d01t03I Don't Speak Love.flac
db73950e092e9d765b0d192122843738 *d01t04Bad Taste Of Your Stuff.flac
108f81280627e10fb064ef377ef0da3a *d01t05Keep Your Hand On The Throttle.flac
bdf7f8a14b90977915d86a8e80e611ce *d01t06Route 66.flac
31f955a79888a7284638263118f5e41a *d01t07Night Life, Sportin' Life.flac
1dd821954f7112c493f162b9fa80ab56 *d01t08River Run.flac
232308c80ef25d978e4e29cf463e67b2 *d01t09Parchman Farm.flac
ac2820516f17251f4c6bf6fdd1ec91e4 *d01t10Devil's Dream.flac
fcf69c303725c59d26535793bb6780f1 *d01t11Cocktail Music.flac
825454227ef9d7a59af011c0f74aee60 *d02t01Salty Jane.flac
646eee3f7271dfd0bbc3ff2cd5c1f09c *d02t02Nail Your Heart To Mine.flac
4214a85272df9f5d1c787f057c1a2c47 *d02t03Set 2 Intro.flac
dfd91b8cba518763f01ff31ccd0fd03b *d02t04For What It's Worth.flac
3982303c38ec9d1ef4f3088029824e3a *d02t05After Midnight.flac
cd94a7537c561c8775de64eff417a214 *d02t06Look-ka Py Py.flac
1649cdc687be1d815eebb40194bbf556 *d02t07Pass The Hatchets.flac
8e09775cd654517c63b663b1e028938a *d02t08 2000 Light Years From Home.flac
caeafda22593cd7c0372c69680a78a7d *d02t09Have You Ever Had The Blues - Pass The Hatchets.flac
6e9b7737f968f24512d0b466eea4c027 *d02t10Roll Me Over.flac
676d8f8dad72c0e7ac451ad5fe195acb *d02t11The Cuckoo.flac
bdb77c39fab2b76cf569fd1c4ab57410 *d02t12Train Kept A-Rollin'.flac
df05744f7cc404fe9de4c910f1cbc75b *d03t01MoonDance.flac
cd7cb22b0044ec7851db27ba590ddb80 *d03t02My Gal.flac
67bdf85f5ff3138141017b4123562caf *d03t03Rollin' Stone.flac