Radical Praise
Duisburg, Germany
03. September 2017
Dellplatz and surrounding area
Day 03
Caf� Movies

minimax-master-series #819

Master - Audience recording
Taping-location: on a table, direct in front of the singers, about 2,86 m away from them
Sound-quality: excellent-
Ticket-costs: 30,- �

Equipment: Zoom H4N with Sound professional microphones SP-CMC-8

The Platzhirsch isn't such an �easy� festival for me as there's a lot of jazzy-impro-music or strange artists, but sometimes I'll grab out a fine set.

Here's a short set of Radical Praise � four women (normally they seem to be a bigger choir) giving us some gospel-songs. Never recorded something like this before, this was quiet nice � especially sitting outside, see people strolling by and stopping, having a cappuccino or was it a beer?
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