Radio Moscow - Freak Valley Festival 2014
Netphen-Deuz (Germany)
May 29, 2014

Taper : LittleWing

This is an alternate source to SpaceBandit's one that you can find here :

Lineage : Canon Powershot G9 camera in audio mode (wav 44.1 kHz, 16b, mono) > CoolEdit 2.1 (editing + 2 channel duplication) > FLAC

Setlist :

02-Broke down
03-Death of a Queen
04-I just don't know
05-Before it burns
06-250 miles
07-These days
09-Mistreating Queen > No time
10-Hold on me
11-Rancho Tehama Airport
12-Gypsy fat woman
13-No good woman
14-Frustrating sound
15-Open your eyes

Length : 1:32:26

Comments :

I hadn't plan to record anything at this festival but since the sound was very good, I decided to give it a try at the end of Papir's gig, and I went on taping the shows over the week-end until my batteries died at the end of the last day.

I had my camera against my chest under my t-shirt, I didn't remember there were some recording settings available, so the mic level was set to automatic with the wind filter activated all of the time.

Please ignore the silly comments you can hear between songs and forgive my friend for screaming on some parts ;-)

And most of all, enjoy !

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