Radio Moscow
RockBox Cafe, Luxembourg City
June 10th 2014

Taper : LittleWing

Taping location : center, back of the venue (approx 5m from the stage)

Lineage : Canon Powershot G9 internal microphone (PCM, 44.1 kHz, 16b, *MONO*) > CoolEdit 2.1 (editing & 2-channel duplication) > FLAC

Setlist :

01. Broke down (5:04)
02. Death of a Queen (4:37)
03. I just don't know (5:39)
04. Before it burns (6:24)
05. 250 miles (7:47)
06. These days (4:25)
07. Mistreating Queen > No time (9:36)
08. Rancho Tehama airport (3:53)
09. Escape (4:29)
10. Introduction > Frustrating sound (5:21)
11. Hold on me (4:03)
12. No good woman (8:44)

Length : 70:02

Comments :

- venue : the venue is very small, on the first floor above the bar itself, approx 5m deep and maybe 12m large with the stage in one of the corners (see attached picture), high ceiling with wooden beams, nice (but very loud) sound.

- recording settings : Since I knew the sound would be VERY loud in this small venue, I set the mic level during the quick soundcheck before they play, I guess I could have set it even some notches down, so there's some clipping during the heaviest parts (mostly in the 2nd half of the show)

BTW it was Parker's 28th birthday that day.

Enjoy !

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