Up in Smoke Roadtour # 5
Faust, Hannover, Germany
March - 14 - 2015
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OKM2R -> Zoom H2n (@ WAV 16/44) -> SD card -> HD -> Audacity (edit/volume boost/balance only) -> WAv 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Taped from dead center stage edge, unfortunately no barstool/bartable available. thanks a lot to my left "neighbors" from Hamburg. they knew about silence. thanks a lot!
anyway, this recording sucks a lot! the overall house mix is just fucking awful. the drums/bass are fine, but the guitar sometimes vanishes into the outer spaces and the
vocals are almost completely buried. well done, mixer man. was sounding like crap that night, sounds like crap on the recording. and a tape never lies but delivers the truth.
so here's the truth, nothing but...a fine rockin' show...

UP IN SMOKE # 5 in HANNOVER...(all taped)

GLOWSUN app. 19:50 -> 20:40
RADIO MOSCOW app. 20:50 -> 21:50
COLOUR HAZE app. 22:05 -> 0:05

Second tape from this triple UP IN SMOKE ROADTOUR #5 that went through middle/western europe and the island beyond as well. The conclusion of this double bill of RADIO MOSCOW and
COLOUR HAZE (with always a changing 3rd band on the bill - lucky me GLOWSUN)...Here's the complete set from the RADIO's and you might blame me for being too much spaced out in my
impression that this band is definitely GRAND FUNK RAILROAD VERSION 2.0. Nothing more, but nothing less. Three man power rock trio rocking all through the night!
Anyway, the analysis with friends leaving the place was just simply what you want to listen. GLOWSUN were spaced stoner, RADIO MOSCOW could have added a lot of "shaking the bones"
(if the sound wasn't that awful) and COLOUR HAZE melted the place and crowd...SB.

FULL SHOW (59:51 min.)

01. ... (4:07) *
02. Broke down (4:24)
03. Rancho Tehama airport (3:46)
04. ... (5:29)
05. ... (7:38)
06. Before it burns (8:03)
07. These days (4:13)
08. Deep blue sea (6:57)
09. Gypsy fast woman (6:40)
10. No good woman (8:30)

* jumps straight in, about 2-3 seconds missing...
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Parker Griggs - fender stratocaster, vocals
Billy Ellsworth - rickenbaker bass
Lonnie Blanton - assault and battery

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