Radio Moscow

July 21, 2015
Volta: Moscow, Russia

source: AT943 Hypercardiods > SP-Preamp > PCM-M10 (line in) SP-CMC-10= Hypercardiod -AT943

Mastering (Cuztard Pi): wav (24bit/48kHz) > Wavelab6 & HarBal > *.wav (16bit/44.1kHz) > Foobar2000 (level 8) > *.flac

position: FOS (20 M in front of left stacks)

Setlist [1h 43min]:
Death Of A Queen
Broke Down
I Just Don't Know
Rancho Tehama Airport
The Escape
250 Miles
These Days
Deep Blue Sea
Before It Burns
Gypsy Fast Woman
No Good Woman
~~~ encore ~~~
Mistreating Queen
Open Your Eyes
I Don't Need Nobody

*** Note - the recording is continuous but if you want to put it on 2xCDRs then you could split it after track 9 'Deep Blue Sea' (or as you wish).

Note: flac tags, fingerprints & MD5 files are included.

Note: The basic details of the remastering applied to the original 24bit/48Khz recording (using Wavelab6 & HarBal) are as follows:
A: Balance left & right channel volume & frequency response
B: Fix phase issues
C: EQ / Compression / Limiting (-1.0dB max) / Dithering to 16bit (bass balance, tighten up the sound & increase average volume level to approx -13dB)
D: Add silent lead-in & lead-out to WAV
E: track split

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