22. Krach am Bach Festival
Am Plattenladen, Beelen, Germany
July - 25 - 2015
High Horse Stage

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Rec. Info:
SONY ECM 717 -> Zoom H2n (@ WAV 16/44) -> SD card -> HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded by dear MIRO somewhere close to the stage edge. Nice recording only marred by two breaks due to broken guitar strings.


Larger than life thanks to the organzising crew for another great day at lovely KRAMBA festival, my crew from the "PsychedelikStammtisch": Wolli, Michael, Joerg and the mighty Martin.
Very special thanks from deep in my heart to taping brother RACKHIR for burdening the main "work" and my sweetheart Simone for keeping me away from taping...cause it's always
just a "fun" thing not a "must" thing. No thanks to the weather gods up there. I'm seriously pissed off by those...
Well, things started good on a hot and humid day with almost 30+C as we arrived at the ground late afternoon. As we decided to switch taping duties for the MOS GENERATOR opener, there
was plenty of time for some talks/drinks/smokes before the first main act BIRTH OF JOY hit the stage. All things went really nice, but the weather forcast told us nothing good. And
it went just the way...after BRANT BJORK's set, all hell broke loose with a heavy thunderstorm and tons of rain. So I missed my dear MONOMYTH late night show. Next morning looked a bit
more promising, so I drove home (yes, the festival is just 10+ kms from my home) for a shower, collecting spare clothing ect and went back to the ground in heavy rain. Hmm, little did
I know then...RADIO MOSCOW opened but due to the rain I decided to jump into taping duties for SIMEON SOUL CHARGER, but meanwhile an ORKAN (or HURRICANE?) built up over western Germany,
so after a few annoucements it was obvious that the remainer of the festival was cancelled. As I left the ground at around 16:00 there were major wind blows, but the truth was beyond that.
Even though I'm much disappointed that I missed all those great bands on that day, it was definitely the right decision to cancel.

Admission Fee: 35 Euros (advance ticket) for 2 days including camping. +++
Security: No professional gangsters, but friendly helpful nice guys from the village. +++
Drinks: 0,3 litres good german beer for 2 euros, same water for 1 euro (no plastic waterbottles supply allowed) ++/-
Food: Different booths with D´┐Żner, Crepes, or asian food at very moderate prices... +++

Sorry, no lineup to tell/read that on a sunshiny day like today...

Here's the one and only show that was played at lovely KRACH AM BACH FESTIVAL in Beelen on that second day. Due to the upcoming very serous "orkan" thunderstorm, all other activities
were cancelled afterwards, but I heard of some "improvised" concerts by the remaining bands (like COLOUR HAZE) in a hastily emptied storage hall close to the festival ground. Anyway,
me left at aound 16:00 and all hell broke loose half an hour later with trees blown up in the air...So, this might be something special. And of course, if you like some GRAND FUNK RAILROAD
fueled Rock and Roll music. Could these two breaks due to broken guitar strings a bad omen to come??? Anyway, I hope for better weather next year and a similar gorgeous lineup...SB.

FULL SHOW (57:46 min.)

01. Introduction (1:32)
02. ... (4:36)
03. Rancho Tehama airport (3:00)
04. First string break pause (2:29)
05. I just don't know (4:48)
06. So alone (4:51)
07. These days (3:50)
08. WE're all troubled (7:37)
09. Second string break pause (1:43)
10. Gypsy fast woman (6:07)
11. Deep blue sea (8:07)
12. No good woman (9:00)
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Parker Griggs - fender stratocaster, vocals
Billy Ellsworth - rickenbaker bass
Lonnie Blanton - assault and battery

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