Deer Creek Music Center (verizon wireless corporate conglomerate crapjob bought it out),
Noblesville, Indiana 8/3/2008

Set List:

Disc 1
01-Intro ^ 15 Step
03-There There
04-All I Need
05-Pyramid Song
07-Weird Fishes ^ Arpeggi
08-The Gloaming
09-Climbing up the walls
10-Faust Arp
15-Everything in its Right Place

Disc 2
01-Just (You Do It To Yourself)
02-How to Disappear Completely
03-You and Whose Army
04-Bangers and Mash
05-Exit Music (For a Film)
06-Jigsaw Falling Into Place
07-Karma Police
09-House of Cards
10-National Anthem
11-Fade Out

An utterly amazing set by one of my favorite bands at my favorite venue in my home town area.
I grew up seeing shows at this place and feel very fortunate as such. This is
without a doubt the best show that I have personally seen at Deer Creek, and possibly ONE of
the best that has ever came through there. Enjoy!

Set-up stage left; about 1/5 the way up the lawn
Recorded with H2-Zoom set @ 44.1 khz 16-bit wav --> Soundforge 8 (Tracking, EQ, Compression)
Recorded and uploaded by drewmanchu -