Rage Against the Machine
Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA
August 13, 1996

Source: Sonic Studios DSM-6Sw/PA6LC3>D7
Taper: jlizard
Email: lounge-lizard@direcway.com
Geneology: Dat master>CDR HHB CDR-800
CDR>EAC>16 bit/44.1khz wav>.shn mkwACT

1. intro (crowd noise)
2. Know Your Enemy
3. Bulls On Parade
4. Vietnow
5. Without A Face
6. Fistful Of Steel
7. Snakecharmer
8. Bombtrack
9. Down Rodeo
10. Bullet In The Head
11. People Of The Sun
12. Killing In The Name
13. Wind Below
14. Jam + Freedom

Many thanks to jlizard for taping and releasing this show into circulation. I got this show straight from him a while ago, and it's one of my favorite Rage sets because of the crazy rare tracks Snakecharmer and Wind Below. Each were only played 3-4 times ever live.

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