Tom Morello, Zach de la Rocha, Flea, & Stephen Perkins
Original Broadcast on KROQ 106.7 fm

3rd Generation recording off of cassette (2nd gen). Master cassette was a recording of
the original broadcast--Thanks Dave Franklin! Tom Morello was MC for a 2 hour show
that was broadcasted on FM, this is only the recording of the performance of Tom, Zach
de la Rocha, Flea, & Stephen Perkins. They kick out the jams (Evil Empire) on this
performance and re-work the songs. Brilliant set...

This performance may have been recorded at Westwood One Studios, but this is my

Please do not sell this recording.

Xferred from a Tascam 4 track recorder.
Xferred by darshun

1. Down Rodeo
2. Vietnow
3. Tire Me
4. Without a Face
5. People of the Sun
6. Roll Right
7. Bulls on Parade
8. Wind Below
9. Year of the Boomerang/Revolver

Uploaded 6/19/06