Rahsaan Roland Kirk
December 21, 1966
Copenhagen, Denmark
June, 1975
Keystone Korner,
San Francisco, California

FM broadcasts
unknown taper

## REPAIRED RESEED - original 2005 audio files retracked and repaired
to remove 2-second gaps
and bad edits [all 1966 tracks ending a few seconds after the next song starts]
and a few clicks and RFI flaws, volume problems with the 1975 track repaired.
info file revised - Zootype April 2014 ##


December 21, 1966, Copenhagen
01 From Bechet, Byas, and Fats 6:39
02 intro 0:31
03 Imagination 5:45
04 - 5:26
05 Three For The Festival 3:58
06 medley 4:26
June 1975, San Francisco
07 "Echoes Of Primitive Ohio and Chili Dogs" 22:21

49:13 minutes


tracks 1-6
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Quartet
Copenhagen, Denmark
December 21, 1966
Rahsaan Roland Kirk- reeds
Kenny Drew - piano
Niels-Henning Orsted Peterson - bass
Makaya Ntshoko- drum

track 7
Rahsaan Roland Kirk and the Vibration Society
live at Keystone Korner
San Francisco, California
June, 1975
Vibration Society personnel:
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - reeds
Hilton Ruiz - reeds
Leon Belvins - guitar
Matt Pearson - bass
Freddie Hubbard - trumpet
Sonny Brown - drums
Todd Barkin - percussion



FM broadcasts>2005 torrent download>DVD-rom>PC>FLAC>WAVS>retracked and edited in audio editor>WAVS>
>new FLAC-8 and checksum files created in Trader's Little Helper

There are some intrusive stage-mic-handling noises in both recordings.
The San Francisco recording was loud and distorted in one channel;
I made some adjustments but the distortion remains.
Both recordings have some rough spots and FM hiss.
Thanks to the original tapers and seeder.
A Zootype repair and reseed April 2014