Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Village Vanguard, New York - April 2, 1972

{Audience - Unknown recorder/lineage}

Received as FLACs on Trade DVD
Processing: Decoded in TLH (TLH was 100% certain it was from CD and not MPEG) >
Audacity for editing, tracking >
Final Fileset: Reencoded to FLAC (Level 8, aligned on sector boundaries) in TLH

TRACK LIST: not finalized - check further comments):

1. Rap/Rant?/? {Two Part Flute Invention - false start}/? {Two Part Flute Invention}
2. There Is A Balm In Gilead (trad., Paul Robeson arr.)/Satin Doll (Duke Ellington)/Outro
3. Impressions (John Coltrane)/What's Going On (Marvin Gaye, et al)
4. ? {Ballad}
5. You Make Me Feel Brand New (The Stylistics - comp. Thom Bell and Linda Creed)
6. Band Intro/? {Blues}
7. ? {"Two Part Horn Invention"}

PERSONNEL (personnel are incorrectly identified for this show on etree, etc.):
Rahsaan: everything but the kitchen sink? (and if it were onstage maybe that too)
Rahn Burton: Piano
Charles McGhee: Trumpet
Henry "Pete" Pearson: Bass
Willie Jenkins: Drums (apparently a rare appearance with Rahsaan)

Approx. 71-1/2 minutes
FLAC set : 451MB

Sound: Solid and listenable, but some hiss and some mild oversaturation
(overloading of what was probably a low end recorder, but hey it was 1972)


Round one of at least a mini-Rahsaan-athon (We hope someone else/s will expand it).
It may be a marathon over a longer haul but it will get done.

I have several shows requiring a fair amount of clean up work in process. These
shows are all courtesy of Ryan, who received them in trade (and started this off with
the recent New Rochelle '74 posting that got taken down for lack of tracking, though
that did fortunately lead to the rest of this). So thanks again to Ryan (and the

Neither of us can vouch for the lineage or condition of these shows. They are what
they are, which isn't bad, especially for the era. I provide some notes on the
source as received below.


This first show I wouldn't be surprised if someone else has at least more of (if not
better of). Please step up with it if you do. This show does not appear to have ever
been on DIME or EZT (per the bot list). It is a little unusual in that the announced
drummer seems a rarity among Rahsaan's accomplices, and there is no percussionist.

The source tape was a bit of a mess. There were some long gaps, wrong track splits and
bad editing between what tracks had been marked. Some seem to indicate ths\is was a TAO
at some point, but the gaps were mostly too long for that (and had loud tape hiss), though
there did seem to be one possible TAO gap in this source.

There were a number of cuts in the source, which in at least some instances were pauses
or stops in the original recording. I cleaned those up as far as possible (while leaving
the actual start/stop noises in the recording for the integrity of the source). I adjusted
the tracking to the original starts and stops where present, since that is the original
tracking regardless of how anyone else might see fit, adding an additional track split or
two where warranted and no recorder/s had stopped in the vicinity. I do not put track marks
in the middle of medleys (IMO a slippery slope on anything spanning two discs, so a practice
best avoided).

The second track is definitely the end of what I take to be first set this evening (though
research indicates he did play three a night there in another set of dates). There was a
significant blank gap between the first and second tracks, and the first track sounds like
it may have been the start of a set. The third track through to the end of what's here seem
to be (relatively) continuous. If the record is chronological this would then be the first
set and most (but probably not quite all) of the second set (or second and third). Regardless
this material seems perhaps intended to fill a 74 minute CD. There are no set lists available,
though I do find one collector listing this as two CD's. I don't know if they actually have
more of it. Someone may. If you do please post it or get in touch with me if it's too much
of a project for you to clean up and I'll take another run at it. I'd actually like nothing
better than for this work to be superceded in favor of a more complete document. At any rate
this is certainly more enjoyable now than it was (as I'll next note).

I did nothing to the actual sound of this in favor of preserving it as received. I did (evenly)
amplify the first few tracks, which were pretty low (and may therefore have had the inerent hiss
a little more prominent). They sounded better afterward, though the warts are perhaps less
buried. Working only with Audacity I wouldn't go further and suspect that would not be the best
tool to do more with anyway. This might benefit from some hiss removal but that's often a double
edged sword regarding sound removal as well. I think it's better for those so inclined to adjust
or work on this themselves to get to something more suited to their ear. The speed seemed right.

Musical contents when you're done will be these:

(Track 7 was actually still exactly as received since no changes were made to it)

ARTIST WEBSITE (such as it is):

A Bombdiggity Reconstruction

Fileset acquired by Ryan
Files edited and uploaded by Bombdiggity on DIME 2010-01-14


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