Rahsaan Roland Kirk And The Vibration Society
Village Vanguard, NYC

Rahsaan Roland Kirk fl nose fl cl ts manzello stritch misc.instr.
Hilton Ruiz p
Bob Cunningham b
prob. Robert Shy dr
prob. Joe Habao Texidor perc
unknown tp
(From George M. Bonifacio's RRKirk Discography)

Audience Recording- good sound - very very listenable

1) Solo 7:09
2) Fly Town Nose Blues 14:15
3) Jitterbug Waltz 17:16
4) Second Line Jump 1:49
5) ???? (end gets cut) 4:06

Originally posted to DAD by tapdandinbat. Thanks!
Pitch was approximately 57 cents sharp.
Fixed and reFLACed by goody - 10/7/05
probably a partial set

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>thanks to tapdandinbat and goody.