Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Club 7
Oslo, Norway
November 15, 1973 cleaned and Pitch Fixed

Source: db.etree says it is an audience recording. I am skeptical. I think it has to be a FM broadcast, based on the spectral data.


a Flambay- U014945 Production

Uploaded to dime by u014945 january 30th 2014

Dime > Audacity ( see below) > TLH (SBE, Flac 8) > Dime

CD 1:
01. Bouncing With Bud 09:57
02. Passion Dance 14:42
03. Portrait of those Beautiful Ladies/God Bless the Child 03:52
04. Sophisticated Lady 05:46
05. C Jam Blues Rockin´┐Ż in Rhythm 09:15
06. Bright Moments 10:22
07. Fly Town Nose Blues 05:19
08. Dem Red Beans and Rice 02:00
09 Oleo from 8:30 Body and soul 14:51

Total time = 76:10

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - reeds
Kenny Rogers - baritone sax
Donald Smith - piano, vocals on 3
Henry "Pete" Pearson - bass
John Goldsmith - drums
Anthony Scott - congas

This is an upgrade of a torrent coming from Dime

What I did:

Normalized all tracks

Removed a number of small clicks here and there

in track 4 there was a gap at 00 11 of 03:20 in length - I removed it - there was no music missing

idem in track 07 at 03:44 (gap of 1"50) and in track 09 at 10:24 (originnally this last gap was in track 11 at 02:50)

Track07 had serious volume problems now solved

I have retracked all tracks
The original 11 tracks are now 9 tracks with different more logic starts

track 5 contains also the original track6
and track9 scontains what originally was track 10 and track11