Railroad Earth
BamaJam Music & Arts Festival
Enterprise, AL

1 Set: 52:54

02. Elko
03. Bird in a House
04. Warhead Boogie
05. Stillwater Getaway
06. Amen Corner
07. Dandelion Wine

Todd Sheaffer - guitar, vocals
Tim Carbone - violin, vocals
John Skehan - mandolin, vocals
Andy Goessling - acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin
Carey Harmon - drums, hand percussion, vocals
Johnny Grubb - upright bass

Notes: Setlist and possibly tracking help appreciated. Wanted to make sure correct before uploading to the LMA.

Source: Schoeps MK4|MK8 (mid-side) > KC5 > CMC6 > Kynd Kable Interconnects > Busman W-Mod R4 Pro

Location: FOB / DFC / 9' high

Lineage: R4 Pro @ 24/48 > Firewire > HD > Wavelab 5 > CDWave

Mastering: Wavelab 5
Mid-Side Conversion: Schoeps DMS Tool
iZotope Ozone 3: Dither to 16bit
Resample to 44.1kHz
CD Wave: Tracking/FLACing
Traders Little Helper: Checksum Creation

Tape/Transfer/Master: Jeff Hatcher (habit1973@gmail.com)

71eadd85c6b9506325a3c81a0a95814b *RRE2008-06-07jhatcher_s01t01.flac
daf1249b99612ff8cdbb9231276189f0 *RRE2008-06-07jhatcher_s01t02.flac
4ac6a3c76c314769a834728b68346f2b *RRE2008-06-07jhatcher_s01t03.flac
096044f995afb1d99184566e03db33e8 *RRE2008-06-07jhatcher_s01t04.flac
fd20e72c3d4536653ad7e4aeb5360e57 *RRE2008-06-07jhatcher_s01t05.flac
f4b5da288904fd2ba6969e22a5e10968 *RRE2008-06-07jhatcher_s01t06.flac
d41182299c3b2f410135da6e912dba24 *RRE2008-06-07jhatcher_s01t07.flac