Railroad Earth
Ogden Theater
Denver, CO
June 13, 2008 (fri.)

Set 1:
Disc 1

01 Happy Song,
02 Been Down This Road,
03 Head,
04 Railroad Earth,
05 Carrying Coal to Newcastle,
06 Elko (A),
07 Crossing the Gap

Set 2:
Disc 2

01 Abide by Me (B),
02 Wading in the Water (C),
03 Hard Livin' (D),
04 Colorado,
05 Storms,
06 Saddle of the Sun,
07 Bringin' My Baby Back Home (E),
08 Old Man and the Land,

Disc 3:
01 The Forecast (A),
02 Bird in a House (F),
03 Peace on Earth (F),
04 Right In Tune (G),

05 Trouble In My Way (H),
06 You Never Know (I)

Horns: Dan Sears on trumpet, Dominic Lalli on alto Saxophone.
Choir: Sheryl Renee, Coco Brown, and Shelly Lindsey.
(A) with Horns.
(B) with Horns + Andy Goessling on baritone Saxophone.
(C) with Choir + Carey Harmon on drums.
(D) with Choir and Horns + Andy Goessling on baritone Saxophone.
(E) with Paul Hoffman on mandolin, Dave Bruzza on guitar, Mike Bont on banjo and Anders Beck on dobro.
(F) with Choir.
(G) with Horns + Andy Goessling on soprano Saxophone for part of the tune.
(H) Choir a cappella.
(I) with Horns and Choir.,
Other Artist(s): Support: Greensky Bluegrass

Taped by Pete Coffan
Transferred by Pete Coffan
Source: ADK A51 TLs (cardiod) > Segue Dogstar Silverclad Cables > wMod UA5 > iRiver H120
Transfer: iRiver H120 > USB > CD Wave (Splits)> Flac Frontend (flac)