Railroad Earth
Kalamazoo, MI-Bells Brewery

Source: Neumann SKM184's + Studio Projects C4 > Edirol R44 @ 24/48
Transfer: Edirol R44 > MacBook Pro via usb > Sound Studio 3 > Xact Flac 16
Taped By: Tyler Jernigan
Transfered By: Tyler Jernigan

Set I Disc I

01. Long Way To Go
02. Lovin You
03. RV
04. Morning Flies
05. Little Bit O Me
06. Gold Rush
07. The Forcast
08. Ething

Set II Disc II

01. TOB
02. Misson Man
03. The Good Life
04. The Hunting Song
05. Potters Field
06. Colorado
07. Hard Livin
08. Everything Comes Together
09. Encore Banter
10. Ragtime Annie


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