Railroad Earth
Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA
October 31, 2002

Source: Unk audience (possibly Shure BG 4.0 > Sony MZ-R70) > CDR
Transfer: CDR > wav (eac) > flac level 8 (tlh) sbeok.

I received these cd's by the taper a few days after the show as an "extra"
to another trade. A matrix is available on archive.org with a different
audience source. There is a drum track (disc 3, track 9) that is at the end
of disc three. Based on background noise, it could be either pre- or post- show
or...? I left it as is but it does not show up on the matrix version or on any
setlists I could find online. ~deadfishhead

Nice sounding audience recording!

DISC 1 (66:18)
Set 1
d1t01 Cold Water 5:16
d1t02 Fire On The Mountain 3:25
d1t03 Saddle Of The Sun 5:54
d1t04 Jerusalem Ridge 10:08
d1t05 Won't You Come and Sing For Me 6:02
d1t06 Give That Boy A Hand 5:08
d1t07 Colorado 7:54
d1t08 Head 17:29
d1t09 Fiddlee 4:58

DISC 2 (58:34)
Set 2
d2t01 Dandelion Wine 5:24
d2t02 Stillwater Getaway 10:19
d2t03 Smilin' Like A Buddha 15:00
d2t04 Duncan And Brady 6:03
d2t05 Ragtime Annie Lee 5:27
d2t06 I am a Mess 16:18

DISC 3 (62:17)
d3t01 Peace On Earth 5:33
d3t02 Lois Ann 4:48
d3t03 Railroad Earth 6:51
d3t04 Seven Story Mountain 14:56
d3t05 crowd (rowdy!;-)) 2:31

d3t06 Butterfly And The Tree 8:11
d3t07 Band Intro's 1:11
d3t08 Bowling Green 3:13

d3t09 Drums (after show?) 15:00


etree show ID: 127299