Skipper's Smokehouse - Tampa, FL

source:Soundfield ST-250 + SDB -> (Amek 9098 DMA/SBD > Rane AD22d (delay)) -> Mackie 1202 VLZ -> DA45HR > (digi patch) D8
Trans: D8 > P2 > card reader usb > cpu
wavLab (dither, tracking) >flac (alien sb)

Set 1: Dandelion Wine, Ragtime Annie Lee, Chains, Smilin' Like A Buddha> Stillwater Getaway, Came Up Smilin', Colorado> Staten Island Steampipe> Colorado, Give That Boy A Hand

Set 2: Lordy Lordy, Mighty River, Just So You Know, El Cumbanchero>St. Anne's Reel, Railroad Earth> Seven Story Mountain> Waterfall> Seven Story Mountain, Sing For Me

Encore: Warhead Boogie

note: the source is mostlikely correct, i patched out of John Major's matrix didn't have all the info, but this is what he was using that tour, so i assume it is correct