Railroad Earth
August 5, 2006
Cuthbert Amphitheatre
Eugene, Oregon

This is a project from 2 friends of mine. Mark Z. pulled a fantastic recording of a great performance. The only minor compaints were a little wind phasing, and some natural distance and echo from this being an open air audience recording. When RRE was coming to town in '06, I gave my buddy Chuck a copy of the show so he could hear the band. Chuck owns a small recording studio in Charlotte, NC and is a producer and audio engineer. He brought it back to me the next day, and said "you should listen to this now." I was amazed at how a professional's touch could improve what was already a great audience recording. I gave a copy to Mark to listen to, and he liked it - so it was seeded to etree on 9/06.

This led to several other remastering projects by Chuckness - Van Halen in Charlotte, Billy Joel/Elton John in Hartford, and Pink Floyd 11/16/74. I'm re-uploading it to Dime now, to put this back into circulation

Source: Neumann SM69 M/S > 744t @ 24/96
Location: DFC TS back of board, 10'
Transfer: Firewire > Sound Studio 3.0.4 (Fades, splits, 24/96>16/44) > Flac
Taper: Mark Zaiser

Remastering by Chuckness:
WAV > Harmonic Balancing with professional studio tools > WAV > CDR

Fileset created with Trader's Little Helper, by ZHB (zimahatboy@bellsouth.net)

One set, Opened for SCI

Disc 1
01 Intro 01:29.05
02 Peace on Earth 05:01.13
03 Mission Man 09:33.31
04 Bird in a House 07:22.20
05 Seven Story Mountain 13:11.48
06 Head 13:40.43
07 Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleo 10:06.26
08 Dance Around Molly --> 02:43.28
09 Dandelion Wine 04:42.26
Disc 1 Total: 67:50.15

Some wind phasing is noticeable throughout from the nice breeze that was blowing.

wav MD5s:
5e536452990e03e812ca7d5dbffbc210 *Track01.wav
70107912cc480c8e5618d33d66c614f3 *Track02.wav
914f5cc45075b95b1c826c20cfcb811d *Track03.wav
6677d0e1c2b404cdc638b516409557dc *Track04.wav
4a19653a650cbc85bf9ac35356a544a3 *Track05.wav
3a3e4eaca7560a6ce9390319faf5c772 *Track06.wav
e37d5fc426bde3c15956d611ca6f7047 *Track07.wav
b0ef607281a276cc073983a038548da7 *Track08.wav
42a20f3f5137495fcc2814e82e355c06 *Track09.wav

flac fingerprints: