RailRoad Earth
April 28, 2007
McDowell Mountain Music Festival
Scottsdale, Arizona

Source: AK20/40 ms > 744t @ 24/48 mid/side
Location: FOB SROC ~90ft from the stage 7ft high
Transfer: 744t > HD > mono wav files joined and normalized to -.5 in Audacity 1.3.2b >
Wavelab 5.01b (resample & dither (UV22 HR)) > CD Wave 1.95.1 >Flac (6)

1. Intro (mattyt)
2. 420
3. Elko
4. Storms
5. For Love
6. Dandelion Wine
7. Seven Story Mountain
8. Walk on By
9. Head
10. Little Rabbit

The stacks were lowered to stage level and tied down for the RRE, Toots and the Maytals and Los lonely Boys sets after the storm. This changed the sound a bit and RRE's sound man made adjustments throughout the first song.
"An interesting day in Scottsdale. During the Jackie Green set which preceded Railroad Earth's scheduled show, a huge sandstorm suddenly came through and caused the festival to close down the music. Lighting rigs, flapping in the wind, had to be lowered for the safety of all, and all of RRE's gear which was staged in preparation for a quick changeover - had to be quickly packed up and put into the shelter of a waiting truck. It was truly bizarre, and not a little bit scary. Eventually, the weather calmed and Railroad Earth played a 75-minute set rather than the original plan of a 90- minute set.
A fine festival nonetheless."

Taped by mwz
Transfer by clarson

bt'd at etree.org 4/30/2007