Railroad Earth
Wakarusa Music Festival
Revival Tent

Source: SP C4s (omni,NOS,FOB,10ft high)> V3> PMD670(16/48)
Transfer: CF card reader> Adobe Audition (resample to 44.1,amplify 2 dB)> wav > CD Wave Editor> FLAC 8

Lordy, Lordy,
Mission Man,
Bird in a House,
Like a Buddha,
Warhead Boogie > Seven Story Mountain,
Dandelion Wine,
Mourning Flies *

* with Scott Law on electric guitar

Notes: there is some bleed from another stage during the quietest parts. Track splits are not correct,sorry. email comments to rogercox3@cox.net

rrearth2007-06-09 (44100 Hz)01.flac:6e876ad0569768045fa8b1dbdec099b0
rrearth2007-06-09 (44100 Hz)02.flac:1113a2ea1a53f195a92a726942abedbe
rrearth2007-06-09 (44100 Hz)03.flac:a6b5e4f0c2eeb4688d7f1cc77da4f97e
rrearth2007-06-09 (44100 Hz)04.flac:755c1810c049b1aba5e1942b12289779
rrearth2007-06-09 (44100 Hz)05.flac:23f0456ae62441f5c6050aaaa2af1136
rrearth2007-06-09 (44100 Hz)06.flac:d37c6e1bde27afe614e1785ec928da76
rrearth2007-06-09 (44100 Hz)07.flac:a753adbea415832558aefc9882c54f69
rrearth2007-06-09 (44100 Hz)08.flac:e31c2d04f614d3a27307c30e3ef7fe2c
rrearth2007-06-09 (44100 Hz)09.flac:877d1436631b7083ff387138ef287b2d