RailRoad Earth @ Knickerbockers
Lincoln, NE. 9-26-2007

Nakamichi cm-300 ortf (cp-1 caps,9ft.) > MiniMe (@ 48/20)> D8. 1st table from stage.

Transfer w/ D8> AudiophileUSB> Hdd via CDwave.
Edits & downsampling to 48/16 w/ CEP2k. Tracked and Flac'd w CDwave.

Mike Lauver

1.Brown County Breakdown
2.Lordy Lordy
5.The Cuckoo Bird
6.Any Road
7.Bread & Water

1.Cold Water
2.The Hunting Song
3.Lois Ann
4.Give that Boy a Hand
5.Warhead Boogie
6.Mighty River
7.The New Lee Highway Blues > >Fiddlee

8.Magic Foot

setlist from RRE website