RailRaod Earth Oct 31, 2007
State theatre, Falls church Va

source: MG210 > M148 > Tascam HD P2(24/48)
trans: card eader > Wavelab (dither,resample, fades, [compression (on ballon pop only)],
flac (align on SB)

set 1
d1t1 Scarey Music Intro > Johns Jig >
d1t2 Like a Buddha
d1t3 Loving You
d1t4 Crossing the Gap
d1t5 Daddy-O Traditional fiddle tunes
d1t6 Just So You Know
d1t7 Old Man & the Land
d1t8 Bread & Water
Set 2:
d2t1 *^ Caleb Meyer >
d2t2 Water Fountain Quicksand
d2t3 Mighty River
d2t4 Warhead Boogie
d2t5 Seven Story Mountain
d2t6 ^ Donkey For Sale
d2t7 Lordy Lordy

d2t8 Magic Foot
d2t9 Railroad Earth

* first time played Gillian Welch tune,
^ with Tim on accordian