Railroad Earth11/02/08 (Sun) Sun Music Hall - Floyd, VA
setlsit (from setlist DOT com)
Set 1: The Good Life, Old Dangerfield, Like a Buddha, All Alone, Sing For Me, Bringin' My Baby Back Home, Seven Story Mountain

Set 2: Give That Boy a Hand, Been Down This Road, Lonecroft Ramble, Saddle of the Sun, The Forecast - > Black Bear, Long Way To Go, E: Magic Foot, Crossing the Gap

source: michrotech geffell sms 2000 mg20 > M148 > P2 (24/48)
trans: card reader > wavelab (track, normalize, dither/resample) TLH (flac, sbs fix, checksum)

note: venue had 11pm curfew, so 2nd set and enc was only 65mins. Crowd, not so quite as you'll hear.