Railroad Earth
3/20/09 - Friday
The Lantern Music Hall, Blacksburg, VA

Disc 1:
1-Pre Show/Tuning
2-Happy Song
3-The Green Roofs Of Eireann >
4-Like A Buddah
5-Walk Beside Me
6-Mourning Flies
7-Dance Around Molly >
8-Dandelion Wine

Disc 2:
1-Pre Set II
3-A Day On The Sand
4-Bread And Water
6-You Never Know

Disc 3:
1-Said What You Mean
2-Any Road
4-Hard Livin'
5-I'm A Mess
6-Little Rabbit

Source: Church Audio Cards(ORTF) > STC-9000 > JB3(44.1) > WAV > Audacity(Amplified to -.2db, Peaks Removed) > CD Wave(Tracked) > TLH > FLAC8

Location: DFC(under disco ball and back), ~7.5' high, ~15' back from stage

Notes: For audio burning to two discs, the best option is to remvoe d1t1 and d2t1 and burn the discs d1t2-d2t5 and d2t6-d3t6.

by jagrahamATroanokeDOTedu