Railroad Earth
House of Blues
Chicago, IL
Sat. 2009-03-28

set1t01 Hard Livin'
set1t02 Mighty River
set1t03 Elko
set1t04 Happy Song
set1t05 Little Bit O' Me *
set1t06 Cuckoo's Medley *

set2t01 Just So You Know
set2t02 The Forecast
set2t03 Lordy, Lordy
set2t04 Goat
set2t05 Warhead Boogie
set2t06 Mississippi Half-Step
set2t07 Any Road
set2t08 Fruitful Acre
set2t09 e:Railroad Earth

AKG481(fob) > V3> MT2496 (16/44.1)
Recorded and transferred by Jeff Frank jsfrank@sbcglobal.net