Railroad Earth
July 26,2009
Floydfest 8


Source: Neumann ak43(nos)>lc3>km100>V3>722>@24/48
Location: fob>dfc
Transfer: 722>cd wave>wavelab(fades/resample)>trader's little helper>flac
Taped & transferred by Jamie Scott

1 Set :

disc 1
01) Intro
02) Cold Water
03) The Good Life
04) Happy Song
05) Little Bit O' Me
06) New Jam (SHJ)
07) The Cuckoo *
08) Dixieland

disc 2
01) Cuckoo's Medley
02) The Forecast
03) Head
04) Lovin' You
05) Magic Foot > Elko
06) Crowd
07) Gone to the Fields
08) Hard Livin'

* with Peter Rowan on guitar and lead vocals.

Special thanks to Bruce Reisinger for the free VIP tickets for Kelli and I!!!
Thanks Bruce, you are the best!!!!
* Thanks to C. Fox for the use of the V3, thanks Charles!!!*

; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on July 30, 2009, at 22:58:08

RE09-7-26 d1t1.flac:2fed1fe91d5e20593127dc138a575a23
RE09-7-26 d1t2.flac:772e4cc940974172d7c54be22bc22552
RE09-7-26 d1t3.flac:fe3d70a2e43c5b384918bc402730c119
RE09-7-26 d1t4.flac:e3ae5f1da8d3bb01664f936df25ab727
RE09-7-26 d1t5.flac:1b7d83c2328ce635dd1bdf383634e75b
RE09-7-26 d1t6.flac:ae8114e055b8169c7a397406fd46c90b
RE09-7-26 d1t7.flac:5161a362c72965778bd6f1e7bb9528d9
RE09-7-26 d1t8.flac:155ebccb2f45c412c3d8f7cb1d6e596b
RE09-7-26 d2t1.flac:c21890c1a92bc128ce5e0e1927fef1c5
RE09-7-26 d2t2.flac:f101a5eb40565351b91bb202355ec482
RE09-7-26 d2t3.flac:b6ebbfbd144ebafa49245602b8acc484
RE09-7-26 d2t4.flac:d467f18584ab59ac751f7ab8c1793726
RE09-7-26 d2t5.flac:53996994d841a363e8e8c661375ac0a4
RE09-7-26 d2t6.flac:b75217451f7a47c513341f312322ad66
RE09-7-26 d2t7.flac:579caca7f151e6a6183afdd23da37a7e
RE09-7-26 d2t8.flac:6bdb6c1d84f0fdafa1cf4035d229aeed