Railroad Earth
7/26/09 - Sunday
4:00 PM Set
Streamline Stage at Hill Holler, Floydfest, Floyd, VA

Disc 1:
2-Cold Water
3-The Good Life
4-Happy Song
5-Little Bit O' Me
6-New Jam(SHJ)
7-The Cuckoo(w/Peter Rowan)
9-Cuckoo's Medley
10-The Forecast

Disc 2:
2-Lovin' You
3-Magic Foot >
5-Encore Break
6-Gone To The Fields
7-Hard Livin'
Pre Show:
8-"Crooked Road" Presentation
9-"A Talk With Tim Carbone of RRE"

Source: Church Audio Cards(DIN90) > STC-9000(+10) > JB3(44.1) > WAV > Audacity 1.2.6(peaks removed, amplified to -.01db) > CD Wave(tracked) > FLAC8(TLH)

Location: DFC, ~15' FOB, 6.5-7' high

Notes: Droupout in the right channel in d2t07 from 8:08-8:11.