Raliroad Earth
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival
Walsh Farm
Oak Hill,New York
Main Stage
Master Audience Nakamichi CM300's/CP4 shotguns* approximately 7 feet>
Monster Cables>Korg MR 1000 @ 1 Bit/5.6mHz,30 feet behind SBD tent

*Windscreens made at festival out of 1/2 inch white foam*

Editing with AudioGate Software>32 Bit Float/96kHz>Dithered with Korg Aqua
to 16/44


1.Bird In A House
2.Dance Around Molly>Dandelion Wine
3.Old Man And The Land
4.The Forecast
5.Stillwater Getaway
6.Todd Introduces Andrew Altman
7.Black Bear
8.Long Way To Go
9.Walk Beside Me
11.Seven Story Mountain
12.EC Callback

13.Railroad Earth

Taper Notes:Last set for this night and for me this year at Grey Fox.Sound is awesome on this one
and with the addition of drums and bass a much fuller sound.What a great set and end to my first
Grey Fox experience will definately be going back next year!I missed a couple of bands (Tim O'Brien
and the Greencards) had to shut down and dump what was recorded earlier to laptop to make room for
the last three sets,price I have to pay for recording in 1 Bit but I'm sure others will share their
recordings with everyone.The first few bands I was running the Nak 300's/cp4's without windscreens
and recording shows that,hey first time using the 300's and learning what they pick up!Somewhere
earlier I couldn't take the recording levels fluctuations I knew I needed to try to create some
kind of windscreens and I wasn't taking off my socks!Luckily I had some foam packing in the box I
was carying the Naks in,worked well I think!I will listen to the first recordings again and see
if I can get a few more decent recordings out of them.Again any help with the setlist very much
appreciated!Well enjoy!