Railroad Earth
State Theatre
Ithaca,New York
Master Audience Nakamichi CM300/cp1's>Korg MR-1000 @ 1 Bit/5.6 MHz
Rig set up FOB center just under balcony,Mics 9 Feet high
Mics pointed at inside edge of inner speaker stacks (Two Sets of speaker stacks)
Transfer/Tracking/Sample Rate Conversion with AudioGate Software
to 24 Bit/96kHz
No Dithering with these files


2.The Jupiter And The 119
3.Old Dangerfield
4.Mourning Flies
5.Bird In A House
7.Warhead Boogie>
Spacey Jam!>
8.All Alone
9.Potter's Field

No encore due to time restrictions.

Comments:Big thanks to the State Theatre,the bands and the soundmen for
letting us set up in Front Of Board!My first time using these CP1's and I
honestly felt a little naked without the shotguns,CP1's didn't let me
down though and the capture came out sweet in my honest opinion!Railroad
Earth did not dissapoint us either they gave us some sweet pickin',sweet
ballads and a nice spacey Halloween treat.Had to drive home after show,3 hours,
sleep for an hour and a half,then drive almost five hours to work.The ride
as always was filled with cranking up live music to keep me occupied,but I
could not get the vision of mandolin player and the fiddle player trading
leads and the acoustic guitar player's grin as he watched and grooved along
with them playing during "Head"!!!!!!!Third show of RRE for me this year
and each one topped the one before,what a great band and look forward to
their progression and the next show I'll be blessed to see!Enjoy!