Railroad Earth
11/20/10 Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD
Neumann KM-140 -> PSP3 -> Edirol R09HR
mics on pole clamped to balcony baluster and extended out about 2 feet.

Cornmeal opened.


s1t01 Long Walk Home
s1t02 Mighty River
s1t03 Dance Around Molly -> Dandelion Wine
s1t04 Lone Croft Farewell
s1t05 tuning and banter
s1t06 Little Bit O' Me*
s1t07 Stillwater Getaway
s1t08 Any Road
s1t09 tuning and banter
s1t10 The Jupiter and the 119

*with Allie from Cornmeal
I'm not sure about the tracking from s1t06 to s1t07.
Correction is welcome.


s2t01 Bird in a House
s2t02 Colorado
s2t03 The Forecast >
s2t04 Mourning Flies
s2t05 'Neath the Stars
s2t06 Warhead Boogie >
s2t07 Mission Man
s2t08 RV
s2t09 Hard Livin'
s2t10 encore break
s2t11 On the Banks
s2t12 Little Rabbit