Railroad Earth
Higher Ground Ballroom
S. Burlington, Vt.
12/03/10 (Fri.)

Sennheiser K3U/ME40 > Canare XLR's > BM2P+ UA5 >
S/PDIF > Microtrack II (24bit/48khz)

At FOH, 8' High, PAS, DFC

SanDisk Ultra II 8gb CF > USB > PC

Soundforge 8.0 ( Resample 48khz to 44.1 w/Anti Alias Filter, Accuracy 4.
Dither 24 to 16bit Highpass Triangular, Highpass Contour ) >
CDWav ( Tracking ) > Flacfrontend ( Level 8, Tags )

Taping and Transfer:
Brett S.

Thanks to:
RRE, Road Crew, and Everyone at the Higher Ground

Set 1
Happy Song
Saddle of the Sun
Stillwater Getaway
The Forecast
Mighty River
The Jupiter and the 119
Jerusalem Ridge
Long Way To Go

Set 2
Bird in a House
Magic Foot
Seven Story Mountain
Potter's Field
Cuckoo Medley
Black Elk Speaks
Cold Water
Old Man and the Land
Mission Man
Lovin' You
Tore Up Over You