Railroad Earth
2010-12-11 World Cafe Live
Philadelphia PA USA

source : schoeps mk-4(din) > actives > nbox plus > sony pcm-m10 > 24/44.1 wav >
dsp-quattro 3 > MBIT+ > 16/44.1 wav > xACT 1.7.1 > flac
location : clamped to mezz railing center
taper : edtyre

Set 1:

Bird in a House
Happy Song
The Hunting Song
Lone Croft Farewell
Carrying Coal to Newcastle
Potter's Field
Walk Beside Me

Set 2:

Drag Him Down
Old Dangerfield
Real Love
Mourning Flies
Seven Story Mountain
Water Fountain Quicksand
Warhead Boogie
On the Banks
Stillwater Getaway
Cold Water
My Sisters and Brothers